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"Our mission is to raise the standard of academically based information in a safe, secure, user-friendly environment. We are dedicated to supporting education programs around the world by donating a portion of our profits to schools everywhere."

Luke Pisano

Luke Pisano, Founder & CEO

As a student, I’ve come to learn the software schools use needs to be radically improved. I began the task of improving upon current research tools and began programming a new search engine, later to be called Imasse, in September of 2018.

I continually develop and program new products for IMASSE, LLC and handle business relations with partners around the world, helping to support our mission of education for all.


Catherine Pisano, Manager & CFO

For over two decades, I have worked in the early childhood development sector. Most recently serving as an early childhood education director. I have served on various advisory councils, such as the Colorado Preschool Program.

I assisted in the early development phases of the financial structure of Imasse and in August 2020 I became the Chief Financial Officer of IMASSE, LLC a company driven to provide education for all.